Monday, January 7, 2013

Kim Son Sedge Fine-Arts

Sedge appeared in Kim Son two centuries ago but it has played an important role in the district’s economy. The Kim Son people have used this material to make many products like mat, carpet, baskest, trays, boxs, dishs, cups, tumblers, bags and hats.

 About sedge products, sedge-mat weaving should be mentioned first. Mat weaving is a creative, hard and careful manufacture; from the process of choosing, drying and dying sedge to have a scarlet and fast color; the jute must be small and strong for the process of weaving. 

The worker who weaves flower-patterns on the mat must be brisk, flexible, and sharp-eyed. He must have a skill of weaving to make patterns accurately without mistakes. 

The worker who “lao coi” (insert sedge) must be well-balanced with the weaving worker. There should be careful and smooth cooperation between “lao coi” worker and weaving worker.

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