Thursday, January 17, 2013

Magical beauty of Paradise Cave

It's the longest dry cave in Asia with magnificent stalactites.

Paradise Cave (Thien Duong Cave) is newly-discovered cave in Quang Binh Province. Its length is 31 km. The widest spot is about 150 meters. It brings a fantastic beauty that make tourists in Vietnam Tourism praise.

It was discovered in 2005 but after five years of mining, paving the way, building the up-and-down way, Paradise Cave is opened by Truong Thinh Group in September 2011.
It's  about 60km to the northwest from Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh, lies between Phong Nha - Ke Bang Forest, belongs to Son Trach Commune, Bo Trach District. 
According to experts, Paradise is more beautiful and magnificent than Phong Nha and Tien son.
A local named Ho Khanh said that Paradise Cave was discovered and attracted the attention of many scientists, explorers, international community, tourists in Vietnam travel.
The British Cave Research Association (PCRA) organized to explore and published it. It's 31.4 km in length, width varies from 30 to 100 meters.
Thelargest spot is 150 meters height from the bottom up ceiling of about 60 meters.
Dr. Howard Limbert, a member of PCRA said that it may be the longest dry cave in Asia.
It's about 7km from Ho Chi Minh Highway (West Branch) to the Km16. Over 6km of the way is quite flat on the smooth ground land, under the canopy layer of forests with the blowing cool wind. But there is a road which far 300m from the cave, tourists in Vietnam travel must climb across the side of sharp cat-ears stones.

  Wonder structure, magical and magnificent beauty of the caves made visitors in Vietnam Tourism surprise
 Paradise has the 9m2 cave mouth. The ceilings is soaring high and spacious.
Specially, two columns of giant stalactites with 5 meters diameter rise as high as the columns of heaven, includes many various shapes.
The beginning part of the cave is an arch stone which tens of meters high, about 100 meters wide.
Paradise is really especially by "the orphaned stone columns". Tourist in Vietnam Tourisml really impress by the long stalactites which spread on background of the cave looks like a relief.

The second part of the cave with dozens of stalactites high from 30 to 60cm, lies  above the background looked like Buddha statues.

There arelarge columns with 1-2m diameter like as Guan Yin

Compared to Phong Nha Cave, stalactites in Paradise has more shapes than.

Most of background cave is soft, flat soil. The temperature in cave is always at 20 to 21 degrees Celsius . Just stand at the front door, Visitors in Vietnam travel can also feel the cool blast blowing upward.

Magical beauty of the cave  like as hidden fairies.
Come into the cave, tourists in Vietnam travel can feel each footstep or voice, laughter of  travelers. Each separate sound echoes and beats on the cliffs as hooking people talking.

A layer of stalactites brings shape Rong house of  the Highlands.
Current, the cave is just exploited and visited with more than 500 meters in length. Some inside poles have dangerous, unstable background.

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